Daniel Agee is a photographer, designer, and community manager who helps independent businesses and non-profits tell better stories.


For Yourself captured the spirit of our festival better than a dozen articles could. By focusing on the attendees and their private passions, Monograph’s portraits concentrated on the people that really make XOXO special. Each is a snapshot in time with a unique emotional weight and playful spirit.” —Andy Baio, Co-Organizer of XOXO

The Project

Monograph is a documentation project that I started with Jason Sutter.


The idea is simple. Everyone I talk to during an event, I take their portrait and then conduct a micro-interview where I ask them all the same question and Jason compiles them into a unique site for the project.

Spending Time

Spending Time

Our second documentation project was taken during XOXO 2015. I interviewed and photographed 82 people, asking them all "What should you be spending more time on?”

You can read about the thought process behind the project or head straight to the site.

For Yourself

Our first documentation project was For Yourself, taken during XOXO 2014 in Portland, Oregon. I announced that I was doing the project the day before XOXO started in a short blog post.

During the three day festival, I took 81 portraits and talked until my voice gave out. Everyone got asked, “What is it you do or what it is you make only for yourself?”

DSCF5664 DSCF5706 DSCF5722 DSCF5745

After XOXO was over, Jason and I started on the web site. He handled the development and I art directed. A few days later, we launched the site.


Links: Monograph | Introducing Monograph | For Yourself

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